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August 6, 2001

Lucky is relieved to see Luke, but 'bad' Luke doesn't return the sentiment.












The Cassadines accuse each other of thievery.










Angel vows never to forgive Sorel.








Carly stalls Sonny, playing 'what if'.


















Lucky tries to get through to Luke; Sonny's men kidnap Lucky as Luke is on the verge of collapse.

























Taggert throws them all out. After Helena leaves, Stefan asks Alexis if she stole the necklace.











Jax examines his prize.



Sonny and Carly argue and Bobbie interrupts with the assertion that Carly knows there is no baby; Carly tries to explain, but Sonny walks away; Carly screams that she hates Bobbie.





















Sonny spots Angel coming out of Sorel's room.


Carly rails at Bobbie, declaring she has no mother.

























Alexis and Stefan discuss Kirsten.




















Helena visits Luke; 'Real' Luke returns for a moment.



























Jax and Alexis each examine identical necklaces.







Angel tells Sonny she wants him as Carly approaches.






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