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Lines To Remember
My tribute to the memorable lines from the residents of Port Charles. Lines that made me laugh out loud, cheer,made my heart race or just plain melted it! Simply put, scenes to watch over and over again.
[Discussing Alexis]

Stefan :Ahhh....the gallant bridegroom.

Ned : No. The selfish bridegroom. I am not going to let you put Alexis' life at risk anymore. You and your mother can kill each other on your own.

[On Liz as the FOD]

Carly : Personally, I don't find frigid purity accessible.

Laura : Wow, don't hold back, Carly.

Carly : I'm just gettin' started, honey.


Laura : Her look isn't generic at all. She radiates warmth and sincerity.

Carly : So does Mr. Rogers, but I'm not going to slap lipstick and shadow on him.

Laura : Elizabeth is a very attractive girl.

Carly : Laura, we don't want a girl for the Face of Deception, right? We want a woman. Somebody with fire. Somebody who's actually had sex, who doesn't just tease about it.

[After overhearing Sonny & Benny]

Carly : God, if you wanna say be careful, Benny, say be careful. Do ya have to scare people out of their minds?

Benny : I'm very sorry. My wife also tells me that I exaggerate.

Sonny : You happy now, Carly? You want me to fire Benny? Cause I can fire Benny.


Sonny to Benny : Issues concerning my safety are not to be discussed in my home. I will not have my wife upset.

[Laura calls Scott for help]

Laura : It's Carly Corinthos. She's turning out to be much more of a challenge than I expected.

Scott : Well, simple solution. Just buy out Bonnie and Clyde.


Sonny : What was your beef with Laura?

Carly : Our relaunch campaign? We decided to go back to the original idea. Face of Deception.

Sonny : Mmmmhmmm.

Carly : Laura got stuck on this one amateur. She's not even pretty. She's totally inexperienced.

Sonny : If she's that, uhh, bad, why does Laura want her?

Carly : Cause Laura's son dates her.

Sonny : Ohhh. Elizabeth Webber. That's who Laura wants?

Carly : Yes.

Sonny : Elizabeth Webber. She seems like a fine choice.

Carly : She's short, Sonny!

Sonny : What does that matter? It's the face that counts.

Carly : I don't know why I try! You know what? I bet you anything, if you hadn't married me to stay out of prison, you woulda waited a couple of years and married her. Hmm? Am I right?

Sonny : What is it you think I see in Elizabeth Webber?

Carly : You put women into two categories, Sonny. They're either good or they're bad. And good is like Laura, Robin, Lily, and Lizzie Webber. And bad. I'm on the very top of that list, so...

Sonny : You're right. Hear me out. I could probably be accused of putting women in categories.

Carly : Probably could?

Sonny : Well, when I first met you, I was judgemental.

Carly : When you first me me? Try lately...

Sonny : Try up until we made and lost our child together. Before you stood up and married me, even though you were scared. Before I realized you would do anything for your son. Before you showed me who you are, Caroline. You are unique. You defy categories. And I will look anybody in the eye and say that I'm proud that you're my wife.

Carly : You mean that?

Sonny : I don't say things I don't mean. It's just you don't listen.

Carly : I'm listening now. You're sweet.

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